Well, in my enthusiasm to test out my video skills in anticipation for my vacation in October, I accidentally shared a post about an absolutely amazing book that you should not wait to run out and read (Journey, by Aaron Becker. Seriously, I’ve had to pry it out of the hands of every person I lend it to). Consider it a bonus preview the rest of the world won’t get to see until I’m happily driving south! It only seems fair, considering that there are, as of this moment, 15,478 of you following Books j’adore! I am so happy to be a part of this community. I have had only the nicest experiences here with my fellow book lovers, and I’m incredibly happy to be able to share so many wonderful books with you. Even when WordPress conspires against me…

On the plus side, this is seems like a sign that I should be procrastinating on all future projects, and instead devouring a box of those sea salt and turbinado sugar chocolate almonds from Trader Joe’s!

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