WordPress trouble

I’m glad I subscribe to my own blog because it allows me to catch things like a stolen password and new posts very quickly. Note to other WordPress users: don’t be like me and think that two-step authentication is for suckers! It’s not!

Hopefully now that I’ve joined the more savvy internet age, we won’t have any more trouble. Sorry about the inconvenience. Back to your regularly scheduled programs.

6 thoughts on “WordPress trouble

    1. My husband never checks his email :) so I have my mom as back up. She almost always discovers problems when I’m out for a run in the mornings, so when I get home, I have to deal with it while in sweaty clothes. I consider this to have been a minor improvement because at least I was already at my computer when it happened!

    1. I’ve been slowly getting around to that for all my various logins. It’s such a process though! Clearly, well worth it, and I won’t be so lazy in the future!

    1. We become so comfortable with the technology that when it’s thrown off, it’s a headache. Fortunately, we can build in these little “saves” to keep us sane! Glad I’m not the only one!

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