Memorial Day (off)

We decided to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with my husband’s family this year so that we could attempt to jog/walk the Bolder Boulder. This is the first even remotely race-like event I’ve ever done (I say “race-like” not because this isn’t a race – it is – but because I’m not approaching it like one), and I’m woefully unprepared. Even if my running were up to snuff, which it hasn’t been since I hurt my knee in March, I have no idea how to handle myself at altitude. I’ve heard over-exertion up here can feel like an asthma attack, and the recovery for the uninitiated can be brutal. On the plus side, most of the family is getting in on this with me, and we’re all starting in the same “slow wave” (not the slowest, but close), so at least I’ll have company for whatever lays ahead. My only goal? Don’t be last. (Yes, I clearly like to shoot for the stars!)

Wish me luck, and whatever happens, I’ll be back on Thursday with another review!

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day (off)

    1. We survived! Five started (well, 50,000 started technically, but I didn’t keep track of all of them :) ) and five finished, which I consider to be a success!

    1. Thanks! We actually had a great time (it’s a very friendly race), and I liked it enough that I might sign up on my own for another in the near future!

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