The Sheriff of Yrnameer, Michael Rubens

This book was exactly what I needed to take on this vacation. As my friend Ruby, who recommended it to me, said, “it’s a space opera with the sort of witty, slightly scummy hero you usually only get in hard-boiled detective pulp.” Seriously, how can you go wrong?

I’ll tell you. You can’t.

The book is like a wonderful, extended episode of Firefly, a show I loved (and miss) with the passion of a thousand fan girls (you really don’t want to be on the wrong end of a thousand fan girls either – I’ve seen them in action and just thinking about it makes me retreat into the fetal position). Did you see The Avengers? What’s that? You liked it? This book is for you. Picked up Scalzi’s Redshirts and laughed until you wept with joy? Here’s the next book in your queue.

Are you the kind of person who likes to giggle in public? Say, on a train, plane, or  automobile (preferably one you aren’t driving)? Michael Rubens has your number. Maybe you prefer to read shamelessly hilarious cowboy space romps while at the beach with an ice-cold beer stuck in the sand beside you, or on that Kindle app on your computer (sure, right now it’s hidden behind TPS reports, but we all know it’s there and whole heartedly support you getting through a long day at the office adventuring through the universe with a Sheriff tab open).

A personal favorite method of mine, the “sneak a read while visiting family” technique utilizes the smart phone. God bless whoever invented the technology that allows me to get through a delightful chapter while everyone else is debating what we should do for the day (or making dinner, walking the dog, or taking forever to get ready in the morning). This is how I managed to read seven of twelve Sookie Stackhouse books in just over a week the last time I was in NH (I’m, like, a level nine ninja kindle phone reader after that) and made it possible to easily devour this one in less than a day.

The Sheriff of Yrnameer  is perfect for practicing any of the above techniques. Rubens’ characters are, in turns, sweet and ridiculous, his plot maintains a spritely pace throughout, and his sense of humor and mine have clearly been involved in a mind meld. It’s just the kind of light fare that goes hand-in-hand with a short summer attention span…in other words, ideal for both vacation and break-up-the-office-tedium.

Seriously. Just read it. Or don’t (but then, don’t come crying to me when your days are that much less filled with joy).

Head over here to find out more about Michael Rubens. I’ll race you.

12 thoughts on “The Sheriff of Yrnameer, Michael Rubens

    1. Sadly, it appears he only has one other book and it doesn’t come out until September! I don’t want to wish the summer away, but there are so many great books scheduled to come out this fall that it’s hard not to get a little antsy!

  1. How has this never crossed my path before? This is totally my type of book (love the Firefly reference, brownshirts forever)! Your review is amazing as well, definitely makes me want to read it. And, lucky me, I’ve got an Amazon gift certificate so I may just purchase that book you so kindly linked to! Thanks :)

    1. I can’t recommend it highly enough! It was just so much fun. I’m going to have to go back and pump the friend who gave me this title (and a few other great ones) for more books that take me to my happy place!

      1. I’m going to buy it on Amazon tonight (keep putting it off). I’ve just hit a string of really good books that I’m flying through, so I need to make sure I keep that going after a year reading ones that just never seemed to catch me. Plus there are other sellers on Amazon who are selling for as low as $3!!!

  2. It makes me a bit crazy when I go to Amazon to buy an ebook and it’s not available in this antiquated backwater of a country. I wonder if 8am is too early to drown my sorrows… :(

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