Bonus Friday post

It’s Friday, I’m behind on, well, basically everything, and the whole morning is gone because I went to hear Ernie Cline speak about Ready, Player One (Remember that? Way back in March?). Then I had to wait in line for his autograph. And my husband wanted a picture in the DeLorean Cline’s traveling around with (you could win said car if you find enter his contest, inspired by the book – more info about that here).

Now I’m back home, and productivity should be within reach, but instead I’m agonizing over the fact that when I met him, instead of saying something clever (or even something sincere like, I don’t know, “I really loved your book”) I said, “Um, hi.” Then I stared at him awkwardly until he signed my poster.

What I really wanted was to be awesome (and maybe get a picture with him), but as always, on those rare opportunities when I get a chance to meet somebody that I admire, I completely freeze up. I’m not normally a particularly shy person, so I don’t know where it comes from, but even my husband made fun of me for it today. He was all, “you could have mentioned the blog. Or, you know, told him that you liked his book.” Obviously. Obviously I should have done that. But I didn’t, and now I’m tortured by the lost opportunity.

Cline, with the DeLorean

He doesn’t look intimidating, does he? Nope. It’s just me. Oh well. At least this missed connection gives me the opportunity to remind you of this amazing book. I’m planning to download the audiobook just to hear Wil Wheaton read it to me this summer…

7 thoughts on “Bonus Friday post

      1. I’m new to blogging myself so had absolutely no idea what to do either! :) The easiest thing to do is to google “Versatile Blogger Award” and see if you want to follow along or not – it’s a sort of ‘pass the potato’ award to spotlight cool blogs and encourage a blogging community, I believe. Either way, I wanted to let me people know about your cool blog :)

  1. I can totally relate! I had the opportunity to meet David Sedaris. When he asked me to tell him about myself I told him I was married and lived in Mountain View. Thrilling. So he signed my copy of “Me Talk Pretty One Day” with the following inscription: “To Megan, An old married lady in Mountain View.” I will treasure it always.

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