Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris

It’s shocking, even to me, that I have never read any of the Sookie Stackhouse books. I haven’t seen True Blood (the show based on this series) either, mostly because everyone who watches it tells me it resembles violent porn, and that’s not my cup of tea.

The thing is, ever since I was old enough to go to the library, I have loved series’ with reoccurring characters (and by “series,” I mean at least four or more books – trilogies are another topic entirely). My favorite, and the one I’m most looking forward to reading the next installment of is The Dresden Files. A private eye wizard?! It has all the best of genre fiction, and I can’t get enough of it. When I was little though, I read mountains of Nancy Drew and the Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley Twins; I adored The Boxcar Children maybe most of all. I wasn’t embarrassed by any of this, even when my friends started to pick more mainstream fiction. Nope. I just moved onto Xanth and Pern, to stories about elves in San Francisco and to the overwhelming world created by George RR Martin.

Since I started reviewing books, I’ve worked hard to expand my interests (I think I was getting a little lazy book-wise), and I’ve been enjoying it. Unfortunately, my brain can’t keep up with the solid stream of life changing fiction I’ve been reading recently, and yesterday I decided to pull up a book I bought on my kindle years ago.

Dead Before Dark is what my friend Jeannine and I call “popcorn.” It’s the perfect book when you’re home sick or need a distraction. The characters are just witty enough to be appealing, and Harris drew me in immediately with a little wink and a healthy dose of feminine backbone. The series is a little deep south and a little chick lit with a dash of gruesome murder thrown in for kicks. This is pure vacation for the brain, and I plan to read more of her books. I won’t post about them all here, mostly because as much as I love my guilty pleasure, it doesn’t always provide the most stimulating discussion.

I’ll be taking a break this Monday though, while I’m out-of-town, and you can bet I’ll be using the down time to cram a few more vamp-lite books in…

Charlaine Harris can be found at She had what looks like a really interesting blog with book recommendations as well, which I plan to check out for future reads.

9 thoughts on “Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris

  1. Glad you discovered the ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ series. You have picked it up just in time to wait anxiously for the last two book releases (always in May).

  2. Ahh! I figured that was probably true! I can’t put them down – I’m completely addicted right now. I started 10 today, mainly because 9 was so sad that I need to jump right back in to start feeling better! I’m glad to hear she’s still publishing at least; it’s always sad to get to the end of series and have to say goodbye to characters I’ve come to love so much!

  3. You didn’t mention it, but you may have already read a trilogy I loved as a kid, and is great reading: Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Trilogy. Of course, since you are into Sci Fi and Fantasy, you may have also read the Dune series (really the first three are the best…) and I’d recommend Robert Heinlein’s novels, even tho many are one-off’s.

    Also… I’ll freely admit I’ve watched every episode of every season of True Blood, and while there is sex in the series, it is all just pure campy fun. The plot lines are ridiculous, the characters are over the top and just romping through – and chomping through – the scenery as they go. Murder is not seen as something unique, but more an everday affair in Bon Temps, the fictional Louisiana town where the action takes place, but really who cares? Like you said yourself, some entertainment is nothing more than a vacation for your brain. True Blood more than qualifies, but it is entertaining.

    Enjoy your Fresh Pressed on the other running post, congrats.


    1. I loved LeGuin as a kid! I still remember where her books were on particular spinning rack at the library! I haven’t reread them in ages though, so I just might have to pull them out again this summer – definitely some good lazing around reading :) I haven’t read any of the Dune books, although I know they’re classics and I should really give them a try, but I have read Stranger in A Strange Land and enjoyed it (although I was in high school and I’m not sure I absorbed…all of it). That would probably be another strong choice for a reread (I love revisiting books!).

      Also, if the plot lines of True Blood are anywhere near as ridiculous as they are in the books, I imagine it’s some good campy fun. I just finished up the eleventh one in the series tonight, so I have one more to go before the newest is published in May. I’m a little sad about that because I’ve had a lot of fun reading about Sookie kicking butt, but it will free up my brain for some new material!

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